• Sustainability

  • How we save and monitor water, energy and reduce waste:  

We save and monitor water, energy, reduce our waste, recycle and preserve our environment through our Advance Ecotourism Certification and being a Climate Action Business. This is how we promote Responsible Tourism.  We monitor water usage by comparing water bills. Through our initiatives we have reduced water usage by 3%. We monitor and reduce energy usage by comparing bills and we utilise an energy provider of clean energy reducing our carbon emissions by 4.2t CO2e (4.2 Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent). We reduce waste and recycle in accordance with our Environmental Management Plan (EMP). We achieved Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Business certification in May 2013 and re-certification May 2014 confirming our commitment to environmental sustainability and to future generations. We are the “only Barossa business” to achieve this certification. We minimise waste and save precious resources by following the 3Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle. To us, sustainability is not just about our natural environment  it’s the social and economic impact of “what we do” and “how we do it”.  

Plans and initiatives we are implementing and have implemented: 

Accreditation/Certification – Tour Barossa is the first and only Barossa business to achieve Advanced Ecotourism Certification and a Climate Action Business. We are a Tourism Accredited Business  

We abide by ISO14001 and continually Plan, Do, Check, Act, (PDCA) as follows: Plan: establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with our EMP. Do: implement the processes. Check: monitor and measure processes against EMP. Act: take actions, continually improve.  

Our Environmental Management Plan (EMP) 



  • I (Steve Brown) am responsible for implementation and environmental improvement. 

  • We conduct meetings weekly and a more detailed meeting monthly to discuss targets met and identification of any additional improvements we can make. 





  • Undergone Environmental Management training and plan team members too. 

  • We provide environmentally sensitive products and request also from our suppliers 

  • Our Team are trained in our procedures for detailing environmental sustainability. 

  • Customising an Action Plan designed to reduce our carbon footprint, saving money and connecting us to the right products and service providers 



  • Water from cleaning bay is recycled and we utilise recycled/rainwater where possible 

  • We source our bottle water from a natural aquifer in the Adelaide Hills 

  • We keep showers to 3 minutes and have water saving shower heads 

  • Check taps and showers for leaks, have rainwater tanks at properties, dual flush toilets 

  • Use a turn-off nozzle on the end of hoses adjusting water flow  

  • We have timers on watering systems  

  • We water in early morning darkness, saving up to 25% water 

4.Energy Use/ Consumption 


  • Reduce information printed, 99% of our clients confirmations are emailed  

  • We utilising 100% hydroelectricity & wind power, supplying renewable energy 

  • Our office carbon (greenhouse gas) emissions offset 100% by renewable energy 

  • We have sensor lights fitted for security, safety and energy efficiency 

  • We email/SMS our manifests to drivers  

  • We email confirmation receipts to clients, conserving paper 

  • We installed an 84% more energy efficient D-Link Network Router. 

  • We use rechargeable battery appliances where possible 

  • We turn off vehicles upon arrival at a location to reduce our carbon emissions  

  • We turn off power at our office and properties to minimise our carbon footprint 

  • We ensure our worn out tyres are re-treaded through our supplier. 

  • We have sensor lights and timers to reduce power consumption  

5.Waste reduction/ 



  • We recycle containers, our water bottles, boxes used by the passengers on board 

  • Our vehicles, office and accommodation all have recycling bins. 

  • We use cuttings from gardens as mulch in our green waste bins 

  • We plant native species that are drought tolerant and remove introduced vegetation.  

  • We recycle all light globes at Mitre 10. 

  • We have reduced waste/landfill by 20% by implementing “signage” on our bins 



  • Vehicles are minimum 3 -3.5 star rated in accordance with the “Green Vehicle Guide”  

  • Vehicles are cleaned using trigger activated water nozzles minimise water consumption 

  • All vehicles have waterless wash kits on board (chamois) 

  • Water runoff is used for irrigation 

  • 50% of our vehicles are either on diesel or LPG helping reduce our carbon footprint 



  • We do not enter vineyards without the vigneron or their permission 

  • We educate clients on threat of phylloxera and take precautions to protect our resource 

  • We provide commentary/information on the heritage and history of our region 

  • Promote and visit wineries producing organic wines i.e. Kalleske Wines 



  • We purchase recycled paper and office supplies 

  • We recycle/refill printer cartridges saving 46% on new cartridges and reducing landfill 

  • We purchase “green” or Eco friendly products 

  • Use rainwater captured from roof run off for washing vehicles 

  • Waste water from cleaning processes is used in the gardens 



  • We have multiple north facing skylights in our office, reducing lighting required 

  • Our office is air-conditioned by an energy saving inverter system when required 

  • Our building are insulated thereby reducing energy consumption  

  • All facilities and office has dual flush toilets to minimise water use 

  • We have flow restrictors fitted to reduce water use 




Sample of our energy use reduction by changing suppliers to renewable energy supplier in our office 


Electricity Emissions  

Site Total Emissions  


4.20 t CO2e 

5.64t CO2e 

Momentum Energy 

0.00 t CO2e 

1.44t CO2e 


An impressive reduction of 

4.2t CO2e 



Our Awesome Team

Steve Brown

Master of Merriment and Wine

Kym Brown

Director of Fun and Experiences

Marlene Webber

Memory Maker Executive Assistant

Toni Katzorke

Adventure Creator


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